Monday, July 4, 2011


My constant dream is to go back to doing craft work. I used to make mini scenes..just a few. This one was made years ago. I created a story about an aristocratic family living during Victorian times in England. The family, Wemberlain, had five children. I had planned to make scenes from various points in their lives. In this scene, the little girl, Georgina, is crying because she was not taken on a weekend outing with her family because she was too young.  The child in the cradle,
Anne, was also left in Nanny's charge.  Nanny is comforting the little girl.  

I made most of the props in this scene with a few exceptions, such as the table to the left, the fireplace screen and a few objects on the mantle.

Another part of the story

Elizabeth, the oldest daughter, was getting married.
Her mother, is looking in a hand mirror and wearing the green gown.
The seamstress is fixing her gown, while another maid looks on.