Friday, August 5, 2011


One Hill is Enough

I wrote a whole new story about the Three Billy Goats Gruff years ago.

I made a miniature scene and did a puppet show. The scene was used
as a back drop for a youtube telling of the story.  Originally, I made the
three goats out of felt, but they did not show up well in photographs. So
new goats were drawn on photoshop.

There is a sing-a-long song, and an improvisation with animation. I requested
that Josh, the singer, sing it very slowly so that children can follow along.

The bridge is made out of fabric, covering card board cutouts. The  sky,  mountains,ground, including the  river are made out of cloth as well. The hills are  in cone styrofoam forms, covered with green cloth  with individual leaves made out of felt sewn on..(a long process).



Billy Goat Rock


The Stettheimer Doll House is on display at the Museum of the City of New York

The Stettheimer house was donated to the museum in 1945 by Henrietta Stattheimer. However, the design of the house was the work of her sister Carrie who worked on it for a number of years.A third sister, Florine, was an artist with many artist friends. Several of them made miniature copies of their own work which hang in the doll house.


I do not do crafts too much these days, but hope, at some time to get back to it.
Several years ago I made this mini scene as part of a whole story. The story is
about an aristocratic family living during Victorian times in England. There are five
children and many servants.  In this scene, the Nanny is taking care of two of the children
who were too young for a certain outing.  The little one, Anne, is in the cradle. The
child who is crying and being comforted by Nanny is named Georgina. She is upset because she wasn't taken along with the others.  I made everything in the room except for the table and
the cradle, candlesticks and a few other small objects..  I crocheted the afghan with embroidery thread. I made the fireplace out of clay. I made all the dolls totally out of cloth.