Sunday, September 4, 2011


This story and song is based on an old Eastern European folktale.

I made this puppet show based on the very popular folktale. There
are many versions of the tale- usually changes in the types of animals.
In the puppet show, I used a horse, cow, and some chickens. In the
song based on the story, I used a horse, cow and a hen.

For the full story and pictures:
click here

here is the song

music and lyrics by Susan Maskin
arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

translations of some Yiddish words used in the song:

oy vey- (pronounced: oy, rhyming with 'boy', vey--like vay, rhyming with day)--
an expression of frustration---

oy gevolt- (pronounced: oy, rhyming with 'boy, gevolt-- ge, as in the first part of get,
volt--rhyming with jolt.)
an expression of frustration, but much stronger

meshuggeh-(pronounced: meh, as in the first part of men, shug, like the'oo' sound in look ,
ge-- the first part of get)-- mixed up

ganse- (pronounced- gan-- as gahn, se as seh...) so much

tak'ke- (pronounced==tak-- as tahk, ke--as keh)
a word used for emphasis--meaning truly, very

tsoris-pronounced- Tsor--like "sore" with a T sound slurred at the front, is- rhyming with bliss.) trouble

kop- (pronounced like 'cup') head

Here is an improvisation of the melody , done by Bernie Katzman. What is so incredibly spectacular about Bernie's improvisations is that he has no more than 5 seconds preparation--It is all what just comes out of his head through his hands at the moment. He has a very rare talent indeed!

The Rabbi Knew,improvisation by Bernie Katzman

(for more improvisations--click here for my music blog, and scroll down on the left column.It takes a few minutes to load as music uses a good deal of computer space. Thank you for your patience!)

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