Sunday, September 4, 2011


My favorite television series of all time is UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS. I watched it originally in the 1970's and have repeated seeing it ever since. The period in the series began in 1903--during the reign of Edward VII, therefore the era was known as "Edwardian."

I decided to make up my own story--set during the 19th century, when Victoria was queen. It is about an aristocratic family...the Wemberlains, who have five children. I had planned to make several scenes at different time periods, but only made three.

The pictures above show the first scene that I made.

The head cook, Mrs. Mabel Bellows and her kitchen maid, Violet Wilks, are preparing cakes and cookies for an upstairs"tea." The month and year of this scene is November, 1872.

Click the above picture to enlarge
In this second picture, I added some items (with arrows) created by
talented artist Melanie.

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